Welcome to the Howard County Fair

Thank you to our 2022 Fair Sponsors!

Gold Sponsors
Howard Community College www.howardcc.edu
Singh Sugar Maple Farm, LLC
Silver Sponsors
Frey Agricultural Products Farm & Garden Ctr freyagriculturalproducts.com
Ice Crème Mill / Lenny’s Food
Charlie’s Bobcat Service, Inc. https://charliesbobcat.com/
Bronze Sponsors
Easterday-Wilson Water Services https://www.ew-water.com/
MT Laney https://www.mtlaney.com/
Level Landscape LLC https://levellandscape.com/
Critical Power https://www.criticalpowerinc.com/
Blue Ribbon Sponsors
Mt. Airy Children’s Dental Associates http://www.mtairysmiles.com/
Joe Bell’s Body Shop
Walnut Springs Nursery, Inc. https://walnutsprings.com/
PSJ Orthodontics https://orthodonticassoc.com/
Teitler Family Dental Care, LLC https://teitlerfamilydentalcare.com/
Parker Fuel Company http://www.parkerfuel.com/
The Stafford Farms https://thestaffordfarms.com/
Woodcamp Farm & Hough Family Show Pigs www.woodcampfarm.com
L.Meadow Farm Partnership – The Knill Family
NWSB Bank https://www.nwsbbank.com/
Team 13 https://team13.com/
The Driesman Family
Dawn Acres Rob and Ann Moxley
Dayview Acres Calvin and Eileen Day

The Howard County Fair Association is a non-profit corporation for agricultural education.

We were established for “the holding of fairs and exhibitions for the display and competition of agricultural and horticultural products; horses, cattle, livestock, domestic animals, poultry, domestic arts and manufactures, farming and gardening implements and machinery and all things relating to the cultivation of the soil and to the products thereof”.

We hope you enjoy our website and events throughout. If you ever have questions, please contact us!