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The Howard County Fair

The Howard County Fair Scholarships
& Sponsorships

Each year, the Howard County Fair Association offers up to six $2,000 scholarships to be awarded to qualified individuals to assist with their educational expenses. The Fair Association hopes that the scholarship recipients will someday return to the fair as volunteers.

Image: Mickey Day (President – Howard County Fair Assn., Inc.) and Makenzie Hereth (2019 Scholarship Winner).


Applicant must be or have been a member of the Howard County 4-H/FFA program and must have participated in the Howard County Fair.

Applicant should be directing their education toward agriculture, home economics, or a related field such as: plant or animal science, business, consumer affairs, child development, economics, biochemistry, microbiology, veterinary science, and trade school.

Applicant must be at least a current junior in high school.

Previous winners cannot apply.

The scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient's college, university, or trade school. If the winner is not currently enrolled in a college, university, or trade school, the money will be held up to three (3) years, at which time it will revert to the Howard County Fair Association, Inc.

The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.



  • Citizenship, Leadership, and Achievement Based on 4-H/FFA Records (50%)
  • Fair Involvement and Leadership (30%)
  • Grades (15%)
  • Future Plans (5%)


A completed application form, current official sealed transcript of grades, and a head/shoulder photograph must be submitted. All application materials will be returned.

Applicants must attach a copy of their most recent 4-H Summary Form, 4-H Story, and their 4-H Resume or FFA Proficiency Records. If these records are out of date, they may be updated with an attachment. Applicants may also attach evidence of community or school recognition.

Applications must be delivered to the Howard County Fair Office no later than 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 12, 2023, the last day of the Howard County Fair. Scholarship winners will be announced at the Annual Howard County Fair Stockholders Dinner, held on the fourth Tuesday in October.


The Maryland State Fair offers two scholarships for students. Recipients of the Maryland State Fair Scholarship Awards and the Marlin K. Hoff Scholarship will be recognized during the Maryland State Fair at a special ceremony.


  • 2023 - Hazel Helm, Charlotte King, Anna Shapley
  • 2022 - Samantha Dixon, Peytin Hereth, Milleanne Mullinix, Alyssa Preece, Riley Troppman, and Kaylynn Walker
  • 2021 - Raven Herron, Grace Meyer, and Kelly Spicer
  • 2020 - No applicants … none awarded
  • 2019 - Emma FitzGibbon, Makenzie Hereth, Colby Hough, Abigail Sullivan
  • 2018 - Kiley Bitner-Parish, Kendra Bower, Jordan Chizmadia, Hailey Clark, Ellie Feaga, Cameron Mullinix
  • 2017 - Caroline Beall, Jennifer Brigante, Jacob Carroll, Matthew Chaney, Katelin Johnson, Kevin Spicer
  • 2016 - Dean Bennett, Mitchell Feaga, Brian Loveless, Maura McGraw
  • 2015 - Audrey Bennett, Eric Fiege, Brian Glenn, Sara Gordon, Lauren Hollidge, Anna Schuster
  • 2014 - Jennifer Carroll, Kristen Clark, Morin French, Ashley Reed, Laura Thomas, Nicolette Wolfrey
  • 2013 - Amy Bodine, Stephanie Clark, Cynthia Garner, Emmy Shafer, Nicole Hodiak, Elisabeth Lemmon
  • 2012 - Tyler Hough, Katie Loveless, Victoria Vidi, Tyler Seals, Rebecca Connor, William Fiege
  • 2011 - Amy Albrecht, Troy Bennett, Kelly James, Sara Kouroupis, Anna Larimore, Shailin O'Connell
  • 2010 - Claire Bennett, Austin Carroll, Michelle Hodiak, William Loveless, Danielle McCoy-Fleming, Samantha Murdock
  • 2009 - Alexander McCoy, Virginia "Beth" Coles, Julie Roby, Kayla Seals, Lauren Bresnock, Megan Clark
  • 2008 - Brittany Bowman, Kathryn Knaus, Carolyn McGraw, Caitilin Patrick, Katherine Robinson, Kathy Thornton
  • 2007 - Danielle Betz, Laura Bradley, Melinda Gilmer, Nathan Glenn, Katrina Roseland, Mitchell Smallwood
  • 2006 - Elizabeth Currier, Scott Fry, Brittany Full, Rebecca Hamilton, Gregory Parks, Kathleen Littleton
  • 2005 - Amanda Arrington, Alexandra Barnard, Emma Bullock, Lian French, Kevin McCoy, Benjamin Warfield
  • 2004 - Ryan Bennett, Jenna Cumberland, Gandalf French, Lyndsay Glasscock, Anna Levenstein, Anna Schlicht
  • 2003 - Matthew Biegel, Kathleen Fry, Sarah Hunt, Risa Levenstein, Christine Littleton, John McCoy
  • 2002 - Anna Baran, Curtis Bullock, Cynthia Dixon, Robert Rynarzewski, Kathryn Lessels, Erika Thomas
  • 2001 - Andrew Cumberland, Elyse Evans, Alexander Smallwood, Rebecca Sparenberg, Jenna Starr, Rebecca Warfield
  • 2000 - Darla Bouma, Courtney Hill-Dukehart, Caela O'Connell, Andrea Warfield
  • 1999 - Jamie Bullock, Stephanie Grutzmacher, Amy Iager, Megan Rynarzewski
  • 1998 - Adrianne Buschling, April Jackson, Leanne Jacobson, Christine Schulze
  • 1997 - Sarah Beck, Allison Brown, Anthony Fleg, Rebecca Patrick
  • 1996 - Daniela Bals, Jennifer Bly, Jeanne Howell, Christopher Seymour
  • 1995 - Justin Brendel, Robert Currier, Jason Hough, Jason Murray
  • 1994 - Mark Iager, Jason Keplinger, Dawn Knill, Christopher Mullinix